New website is live!

The website has been completely renewed and is now running on WordPress. The previous site design remained unchanged for almost a decade so it was about time to update!

The layout of the site has been modernised and it’s responsive as it should be these days. One of the key benefits from changing to a dynamic CMS is the ease of update, adding pages and yes, writing articles like this one! I also hope to make more language options available soon, maybe Portuguese too since so many visitors are coming from Brazil :)

Hope you enjoy the fresh new look!

This is the website of "City of Rauma" game. If you are looking for the website of town of Rauma, Finland, visit their website. By continuing the use of this website you accept the use of cookies. - Check out some cool LEGO MOCs (including Rauma town hall)
Also check out: The Legend of Space Bug, free arcade/action game for Mac OS X!