Development news


Thanks to summertime I have been trying to be less on the computer and more outdoors :) Nonetheless I have made some nice progress on developing Raumagame Go. Actually, some of the most critical features are working already: building, destroying and saving the game. These features are very basic – building is instant, there is unlimited funds etc. The goal is to make the game as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Raumagame Go version will have some new features, such as full responsiveness to different screen sizes, touch support on mobile devices and freedom to build anything. I will be including some crazy elements and community creations, meaning YOU can draw something that you can build in the game. More info on that later on.

Check out the screenshot below. You’ll see “All roads lead to Raum” ;) Those Roman style graphics are from Rome city building game, true ancestor of Rauma game which I never finished. It was a browser playable game, so I guess the circle is soon complete!


This is the website of "City of Rauma" game. If you are looking for the website of town of Rauma, Finland, visit their website. By continuing the use of this website you accept the use of cookies. - Check out some cool LEGO MOCs (including Rauma town hall)
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